How to get Top Grades in your Exams

CatDouglas Print

Summersdale book on How to get Top Grades in your Exams cover

Brief and answer: I was commissioned by Summersdale publishers to create a fun exam tips book cover and also set the style for the internal pages. I was inspired by exercise book scribblings and the long title needed emphasis to make it have impact, the inner page elements and layouts follow through with the colour palette and utilize biro-line arrows … Read More

NFU Mutual

CatDouglas Print

NFU mutual retail sales incentive magazine

Brief and answer: Design an NFUM New Business Sales Competition brochure to be engaging, all about the real High Street whilst bringing to life all the tools, information and details the team will need. Within the Vital design studio, I designed the brochure to be in-keeping with the NFUM brand, topically showing their types of retail customer, and presented the … Read More

Lizzie Riach Cookbook

CatDouglas Print

Lizzie Riach cookbook cover

Brief and answer: Cook up a book from scratch. The concept is recent family history, community as each recipe comes from a friend or relative. I came up with the creative direction and designed the entire A5 spiral bound recipe book. There are influences of tartan ‘stripes’ used as area dividers on pages, this comes from Lizzie’s Scottish background, whilst … Read More

Fashion Illustration

CatDouglas Print

Fashion Illustration magazine pitch cover

Brief and answer: To design an early-stage mockup for a fashion illustration magazine course in the same format for Deagostini publishers, whilst also aiming to break the mould aesthetically. Textures and inks were used to bring out the flavour of illustration. White backgrounds and fashion magazine style serif typefaces with punches of zingy yellow and cyan as flash on the … Read More


CatDouglas Infographics, Print

WiredScore brochure cover

Brief and answer: WiredScore is an internet connectivity start-up based in New York that is now engaged with the Mayor of London to certify the city’s building’s internet credentials. Their first brochure needed to appeal to the property landlords market as a way to add certification to their building’s offer in attracting business tenants. It has a sparse high-end feel … Read More

Fitness and Fight Festival

CatDouglas Front-end Web Design, Infographics, Large Format, Logo & Brand, Print

Fitness and Fight Festival exhibitor brochure

Brief and answer: Using the provided Fitness and Fight Festival logo, extend the branding into celebratory, fun and a bright colour palette and type hierarchies and elements for use in future branded projects for the event which would include families as attendees. I went for a sunny yellow as part of my palette, a street-style graff typeface for emphasised text, … Read More

Rock Bakehouse

CatDouglas Packaging, Print

Rock Bakehouse oven mitt design

Brief and answer: Extend the Rock bakehouse brand with designs on merchandise like tea towels, aprons, greeting cards and oven gloves. I ensure the vision is produced to a high standard, each addition to the collections works as part of the collection whilst having its own unique variation. I initiated the Kitchen Conversions upside-down ingredients for use when baking too, … Read More

Original Funky Mailing Co.

CatDouglas Large Format, Print

Original Funky Mailing Bag Co. countertop product unit

Brief and answer: To design various items including an order form, a brochure, plus an FSDU standing unit and a counter CDU unit for Swifty Studios’ client and follow through their vibrant funky branding for each different type of product. These are my Photoshop visuals from the mock-up stage before creating the flat artwork. The main challenge for the display … Read More

PS Vita

CatDouglas Packaging, Print

PS Vita Little Big Planet promo piece

Brief and answer: As a self-directed project, I wanted to push the envelope when it came to promoting augmented reality by bridging it to a tangible physical object. Using the low-fi and handmade look of Little Big Planet, I created a PS Vita pop-up piece promoting the new experiential features of the hand-held gaming device. When you open the outer … Read More


CatDouglas Large Format, Print

Hobgoblin Bringing Taste to the Nation tour bus vinyl graphics wall on main room

Brief and answer: Using Dave Noonan’s Hobgoblin illustration assets when at Vital Marketing, design branding for high resolution vinyls to fit into a physical 3D space, make it an engaging experience for Hobgoblin’s Bring Taste to the Nation campaign to tour key UK cities Feb-Mar 2014. Taking bird’s-eye-view bus plans, we really pushed customisation beyond in order to create a … Read More